Posted by: glundeen | December 15, 2007

Welcome to the Superstructure

su·per·struc·ture  [soo-per-struhk-cher]noun

1. the part of a building or construction entirely above its foundation or basement.
2. any structure built on something else.
3. the overlying framework or features of an organization, institution, or system, built or superimposed on a more fundamental base.
4. anything based on or rising from some foundation or basis: a complex ideological superstructure based on two hypotheses.

The Superstructure is a place to build on all the great work already finished or in progress,  a part of my learning process, desire to share and growing voice in the library and information professions.

We’re in a period of great transition, and it’s our voices that will shape the future, our voices that will add the necessary additions to the foundations of libraries of all types, of the Internet, of information, of whatever’s coming next about which we can only speculate.

Will another blog shine a light through the murky path? Highly doubtful.

Is that going to stop me from trying? Not on your life.


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