Posted by: glundeen | December 29, 2007

Requiem for Peter and Mary Jane Parker – 1987-2007


We all know the experience of fictional characters becoming real. It’s what makes fiction of all types and mediums such an amazing, sustaining force. It’s definitely part of the appeal of any serialized tale. You grow with the characters and they take on a whole new life beyond the story in hand. The cynic in me knows they’re intellectual properties designed as licensing opportunities for corporations, but none of that really matters in the end. The characters become who you believe them to be. Perhaps the problem is that people expect these kinds of characters to exist in perpetuity, and without much change, which creates all kinds of impossibilities.

Check out Bully’s Ten of a Kind tribute to Peter and MJ. I miss them already, and I hope for their sake and ours that nothing can stand in the way of true and unconditional love, not even silly editorial mandates and marketing schemes.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let’s just say the devil made them do it.

And what does this have to do with libraries, you ask? Just about everything.


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